Delta Goodrem Vs Arcade Fire

Delta Goodrem – former Neighbours star, struggling judge on The Voice and inspiration for Brian McFadden’s date-rape anthem Just the Way You Are (Drunk at the Bar) – has been accused of ripping off some band called Arcade Fire.

Sadly Delta’s comeback single Sitting On Top Of The World doesn’t have her screaming out the lyrics “Every time you close your eyes, Lies, lies!” as the chorus, but the song does share more than a few similarities to Arcade Fire’s 2005 single Rebellion (Lies). Delta shares the writing credit on the track with John Shanks, who won the 2005 Grammy for Producer of the Year..

Former Gerling member Darren Cross, who currently records with Betty Airs and as The E.L.F., raised the plagiarism flag on his blog asking “Can Arcade Fire sue Delta Goodrem for her new song “Sitting on top of the world” that totally rips off Arcade Fires “Rebellion/Lies”.Come on people.” [via Mess+Noise]

Delta’s army has been quick to leap to her defence on her fan forum posting a series of wonderfully inane comments including:

“As if Delta would’ve heard of this no name band and “ripped them off””

“Other than the basic chords/beat, nothing else is similar to SOTOTW. Never heard of this band before”

“Delta is original and wouldn’t steal an idea, she’s too talented to do that.”

“Whatever, Arcade Fire didn’t deserve that Album of the Year Grammy. I’m sorry, but they just didn’t.”

Do you think Delta has ripped off Arcade Fire?