Delphic – Collections

Collections, as its name suggests, is a conglomeration of often conflicting parts. Delphic are heavily influenced by hip hop rhythms on this record and the dramatic synth lines which made their 2010 debut Acolyte so impressive take a back seat, as the band flirt with dubstep (‘Atlas’), beat-boxing (‘Exotic’), and Eastern-tinged funk (‘Baiya’). The album lacks direction and feels scattered; conflicting tones and textures are made all too visible through the overuse of blatantly commercial instrumentation.

Amidst this often confusing pastiche lies the graceful piano-driven track ‘Tears Before Bedtime’, in which layered vocal loops and post-dubstep percussion create a stunning atmosphere – but it isn’t enough to level out the album’s imbalances. The auspicious vision for modern electro-rock seen on Delphic’s 2010 debut Acolyte has been severely skewed as the group move towards a somewhat over-produced brand of synth-pop. The three-piece appear creatively burnt-out, and Collections is reflective of this. Regrettably, Delphic’s aesthetic is slowly becoming less and less memorable.