De Jah Groove – Mellow Stages (single)

Bursting from Melbourne’s vibrant music scene, De Jah Groove’s single –  “Mellow Stages’ has arrived.

De Jah Groove are one of the many genre-defying talents that Melbourne has to offer. Combining elements of rock and roots with a rich horn section, De Jah Groove know how to construct earthly tunes that simmer with an addictive groove. –  “Mellow Stages’ is therefore a blazing introduction to the band’s upcoming album, Rock Bottom Jackpot.

There is a myriad of sounds permeating through –  “Mellow Stages’. Sharp horn bridges duel with rough-edged guitars and De Jah’s Groove’s thirst for creating a mind-spinning track. Together with an unplugged version and a synthetic remix, –  “Mellow Stages’ does succeed in making you feel, as the chorus predicts, alright!

–  “Mellow Stages’ is available through Amphead Music. Rock Bottom Jackpot hits the shelves this month.