Davie Bowie rejected collaboration offers from Red Hot Chili Peppers not once, but twice

Earlier this month Red Hot Chili Peppers’ bassist Flea paid tribute to David Bowie by getting a lightning bolt tattoo, permanently stamping his love for the Thin White Duke on his on his forearm. But the love wasn’t exactly mutual.

As Alternative Nation points out, Chili Peppers frontman Anthony Kiedis was recently a guest on Steve Jones’ Joney’s Jukebox radio program where he revealed that Bowie had twice rejected offers to produce the band.

“Every record we ever made, we had the band discussion. ‘Who should we get to produce this record?’” ‘I don’t know, we have to try someone new!’ ‘Let’s get David Bowie!’ ‘Okay, let’s call him.’” Kiedis recalled. “In the beginning we would call him, and he would say no, respectfully. Then later we would write long emails explaining everything, and why it was time for us to really get our ships on, and he always respectfully declined.”

Bowie knocked back offers to produce RHCP’s 2002 record By the Way, and the followup – 2006’s Stadium Arcadium but he doesn’t hold the record for rejecting the band’s advances. According to Kiedis, Bowie’s friend and regular collaborator Brian Eno has said no eight times.

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