Davey Lane – The Good Borne of Bad Tymes

While the term “much-anticipated” is probably one of the more overused in the rock idiom, it seems appropriate when considering this, the debut EP of You Am I guitarist Davey Lane. Sure, not everyone will have been chomping at the bit for this release, but die-hard You Am I fans – and there’s still a lot out there – will have been.

Of course, Lane has released material outside of You Am I before with the retro-flavoured beatcombo The Pictures. But with his own name on the cover, he seems understandably keen to exercise his more eccentric leanings. And so we get The Good Borne of Bad Tymes, a five-song set of eclectic, fun – and though not ever truly remarkable – thoroughly enjoyable left-field pop.

The first track is easily the pick of the bunch. Titled ‘You’re The Cops, I’m The Crime’, it’s a cosmic psych-pop wonder with hiphop drums and a soaring chorus. The obvious (aka most likely wrong) touchstone here is Tame Impala, but you suspect Lane is actually channeling one of his biggest heroes, ‘70s cult icon Todd Rundgren. Lane’s heavy use of production sounds are little hit and miss. ‘Sinking May’, previewed in acoustic form in various places, loses its emotional resonance amid a collision of processed synths noises. But the rapidfire pop of ‘Ronnie and My Baby’ fares much better, and the eightminute closer ‘You Got Me On Side’ triumphs despite a detour to a most unexpected location – the disco.

While not all of Lane’s sonic adventures fit like a glove here, this a vital release for any You Am I completist, Lane fan, and those keen on weird and twisted guitar pop.