Dave Grohl’s 400 kilo drumsticks

Dave Grohl only lived in Warren, Ohio for a few years but the city is very keen to make sure everyone knows where he was born. Back in 2009 the city opened Dave Grohl Alley and now a huge pair of drumsticks is set to be unveiled at the downtown Warren Amphitheater.

The two 900-pound (roughly 410 kilo) drumsticks made out of poplar logs, believed to be the largest drumsticks in the world, will be unveiled on Saturday at a concert headlined by country fiddle player Chris Higbee (because nothing says “world’s most famed rock drummer” quite like a performance from a country fiddle player). After the last concert of the Summer in September the sticks will be moved to Dave Grohl Alley.

According to a report in the city’s local newspaper the sticks have been engraved with feathers to resemble the tattoos on Grohl’s arms.

Check out the sticks in their early stages in the video below.