Dave Grohl reckons Royal Blood will save rock ‘n’ roll

Dave Grohl says the future of rock’n’roll is in safe hands thanks to Royal Blood.

In an interview with NME Grohl spoke of the excitement he felt watching the UK duo tear up the stage at Glastonbury 2014. “I saw some live footage of them, and I was so excited to see a band that was heavy, had riffs, had songs, and could really perform, and an audience that was genuinely excited to watch them play,” he says.

The Foo Fighters frontman was equally impressed by Royal Blood’s debut record, which was pegged by FL as one of the records bringing rock back in 2014. “And then someone tells me that the album went to number one, and for another guy with a guitar to see another guy with a guitar getting the number one record, it’s so encouraging,” he continues. “Not that I think that rock ‘n’ roll is the only type of music, but in this day and age it’s good to see it fucking show it’s face now and then. And it’s a good record, I’m excited about that.” So we can all breathe easy that the dire shortage of men playing guitars is being fully rectified.


Grohl’s words echo those of FL writer Liam McGinnis whose review of the band’s self-titled record declared, “If anyone tries to tell you rock is dead, hand them this album”.The album was nominated for a Mercury Prize, but was beaten out by psychedelic hip hop Scottish trio Young Fathers and their debut LP Dead.

After playing a pair of sold out promo shows in Melbourne and Sydney earlier this year, Royal Blood will return to Australia to play Laneway Festival in early 2015 – just a couple of weeks before Foo Fighters arrive for their largest ever Australian tour.