Dave Grohl confirms Sound City tour: “We’re doing a Sydney show”

It’s official: Dave Grohl is bringing his Sound City Players to Australia in 2013.

In an interview with the Los Angeles-based Nerdist podcast, Grohl confirmed that the “supergroup” – formed to coincide with the release of his new Sound City documentary – will be playing a concert in Sydney as part of the Sound City world tour. Not only that but he plans to have Foo Fighters – the band he recently put on hold – backing up Rick “Jessie’s Girl” Springfield, among others, as part of the show.

“We’re learning all of [Rick Springfield’s] songs because we’re doing gigs where we’re going out with all the people from the Sound City movie and doing shows,” he told Nerdist. “We’re doing an LA show, we’re doing a New York show, we’re doing a London show, we’re doing a Berlin show, we’re doing a Sydney show, we want to do South By Southwest with all these musicians.”

So far just the New York concert has been officially announced. Scheduled for February 13, the lineup includes Stevie Nicks, John Fogerty, Rick Springfield, Fear’s Lee Ving, Cheap Trick’s Rick Nielsen, Brad Wilk Of Rage Against The Machine, Alain Johannes, Chris Goss, Krist Novoselic and more, all backed by Grohl and the Foo Fighters.

The “Sound City Players” have performed only two concerts on their world tour – the first at Sundance Film Festival last month in Utah, to mark the release of the film, and the second on January 31 at The Paladium in Hollywood. The set-list for The Paladium gig featured 38 songs, performed over the course of a two-and-half-hour show.

Grohl revealed to Nerdist that the Foo Fighters have learned nearly 50 songs by various Sound City artists, to make these shows a reality. “You should go out there and look at the chart of songs we have to fucking learn. It’s insane. I have to learn 50 songs in the next 10 days. As we’re learning these Rick Springfield songs, because it’s going to be Rick singing with the Foo Fighters as the backing band – we’re doing a bunch of his songs, five or six of his songs – you know what it sounds like? It sounds like the fucking Foo Fighters with Rick Springfield singing.”

With the New York show already announced and SXSW due to kick off on March 12, chances are we can expect an announcement of Sydney’s Sound City concert imminently.


Sound City Players, Hollywood setlist:

Alain Johannes

A Trick With No sleeve


Hanging Tree

Reach Out

Chris Goss

She Got Me


Time Slowing Down

Blue Garden

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

Heaven and All

Red Eyes and Tears

Whatever Happened to My Rock ‘n’ Roll

Lee Ving

Your Wife Is Calling

I Love Livin’ in the City

Gimme Some Action

Beef Bologna

I Don’t Care About You

Foreign Policy

Rick Nielsen and Corey Taylor:

Hello There

Stiff Competition

From Can to Can’t

Isn’t That a shame


Rick Springfield:

The Man That Never Was

I’ve Done Everything for You

Love Is Alright Tonite

Love Somebody

Jessie’s Girl

John Fogerty:

Travelin’ Band

Born on the Bayou


Keep on Chooglin’

Bad Moon Rising