Darren Hayes wrote a moving letter to the PM about marriage equality

Darren Hayes, former singer of Savage Garden, has written a letter posted on Facebook addressed to Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull to make the case for marriage equality in Australia. Hayes, who married his partner Richard Cullen in the United States where they still live, wrote that:

“As a gay Australian who has proudly represented his country globally, it saddens me that my marriage is recognized both in the United Kingdom and in The United States but means nothing in my country of birth. I wish I could use my good fortune and the attention my career has given me to be an example of hope for young LGBT Australian youth. Instead, the message my marriage and my coming out sends LGBT Australians is – if you want to be equal you’ll need to live in another country. That is not a message I want to send.”

Hayes also mentions the recent shooting attack in Orlando, saying, “In the week the world is mourning the death of 49 LGBT souls in a horrible hate crime in Orlando Florida, you must surely see the connection incidents like this have with how society views and treats LGBT people. Denying equality at the highest level implies a tacit support of discrimination which trickles down to all.”

This isn’t the first time Hayes has made waves by interacting with a prime minster – when former PM Tony Abbott mentioned that he listened to Savage Garden, Hayes replied via Twitter, “I certainly do not listen to Tony Abbott.”

The Facebook post has received over a thousand likes so far and been shared hundreds of times. You can read it in full below.