Darkest Hour/A Perfect Murder – A Thousand Words To Say But One/Wake Up And Die

On the back of Darkest Hours’ new album Undoing Ruin and DVD Party Scars and Prison Scars: A Thrashography, the thrashmetal heroes deliver us with another great single released with little fanfare. Formed in 1995 in Virginia, Darkest Hour (John Henry – vox, Ryan Parrish – drums, Paul Burnette – bass, Kris Norris – guitar, and Mike Schleibaum – guitar) are well-known within underground Hardcore/Metalcore circles as a force to be reckoned with.

Darkest Hour’s opening single A Thousand Words To Say But One is a blitzkrieg assault of bludgeoning riffs, soaring, hook-laden leads, snarling, ferocious vox, and pounding, cerebral aggression that is just so well assembled and presented that I’m listening to it for the fourth time today as I write this (not to mention the zillion times I played it in the car on the weekend). Really, it is just that damned good. Sound The Surrender is also another great song; although not with such a powerful melody and razor edge riffs, it still bowls you over like a judo kick to the head.

I wish I could say the same for A Perfect Murder’s contribution to this CD split. My guess is one of Darkest Hour’s roadie’s niece’s cousin is dating someone who owes money to the guy who strings guitars for a Perfect Murder and the lovely boys from Darkest Hour are giving the band’s (what will be short-lived) career a leg up the ominous ladder to Valhalla. All I can say is, beyond the lack of any comprehensive song structure lies even worse vocals akin to that awful noise you make when you thwack your elbow on your desk and the pain shoots right up to your brain. You know – that pathetic wail everyone makes no matter how tough you are.

Back to listening to A Thousand Words To Say But One for the fifth time today to cleanse my eardrums!!