Danzig w/ Doyle Wolfgang, Blood Duster, Five Star Prison Cell @ The Arena, 09/09/2006

I got to the Arena just in time to catch Five Star Prison Cell, a speed death metal band that had a solid sound. Halfway through it they flicked into a Bungle style funk then back again very cool transition simular to the sounds produced by The Dali Dahmers.
I looked around the room that was made up of black leather, black jeans and Viking-looking men and mistress-looking women, with more red lipstick than a Moulin Rouge show. 

I grabbed a drink turned around to see Bloodduster clamber on to the stage. Bloodduster played a mixture of songs exhibiting their grinding, flat out, death metal that creates a relentless wall of noise. Bloodduster’s set is enough to keep any fan boy/girl of metal really happy. 

I cruised down the front through the crowd who seemed to be glued in rows by their feet at this stage to enjoy their set. The fact they no longer played with their drummer up front made me think they had conformed to the masses. It was one really original factor that made them stand out in the sea of many death metal outfits of the late 90’s.  They made up for it in my mind when the singer pulled his hoody up and cranked into Drink, Fight and F*%k, a GG Allin song that had the crowd turning to each other and smiling. 

I decided to head upstairs to make sure I got a real good view of Danzig. I really wanted to have a mosh but I didn’t want to miss a thing. The temperature of the room was about to heat up. The glue would come unstuck allowing the metal heads to get back into their usual release of anger in their self regulated mosh pit, frenzying and thrashing around like a bunch of tiger sharks that had just come across a school of whiting. 

I had seen Jerry Only and The Misfits here about a month before and although I thought the show was awesome, I was quietly disappointed that Danzig wasn’t up front. When I found out Danzig was playing I was nothing short of shocked, especially when I found out that Doyel Wolfgang was playing.  I positioned myself so I could see everything.
I found the lighting to be a little disco – those blinding white strobes that should be left to the techno style nightclubs. I thought the similar lighting as in the Faith club nights would have been way more suitable – a mystical dark and mood setting, perfect for a horror core band such as Danzig.  

The sound was a little disappointing also with the microphone cutting out quite regularly; to the untrained eye it would have looked as though Danzig’s voice was lacking, where in fact it was a technical issue  There was feedback screeching through almost every song. Every now and then the sound would hit a perfect sound, creating the awesome presence that I am sure Danzig is very capable of. 

As promised, two-thirds into the set Doyle Wolf Gang stomped out onto stage in true Misfit style, hitting awesome notes that took me away into the poetical magical place created for me by the Misfits.  With tracks like 20 Eyes, Skull and Die My Darling, I was in heaven.  New guitarist, Joe (who has worked with the likes of Coal Chamber), and also plays with metal three piece Deconstruction, really cut his stuff, strumming at light speed to create the awesome sound. Creating the occasional Dime Bag Darryl (R.I.P.) signature harmonic, it was truly blissful. 

Type ‘O’ Negative’s drummer really held the outfit tight together and although he loves playing with Danzig he assures me that he will return to play with Type O for all you fans who were worried that it was the end of an era for them.

All in all, it was a fantastic night of death metal.