Crystal Fighters

Crystal Fighters are heavily influenced by the music of the Basque region of northern Spain. The band uses traditional Basque instruments such as txalapartas and txistus (10 points for pronouncing these correctly) to great extent throughout their debut album Star of Love. They’ll be bringing their fusion of sounds – Latin acoustic guitars and Spanish lyrics melding together with dance beats, flourishes of synth and heavy electronic build-ups – to the Parklife tour that kicks off next week.

Any stand out highlights from the many festivals you’ve been too this year?

Well, yes, I would say Southside Festival in Germany was very good recently, we were in a really big tent and we played just after Chase and Status with Will who I’ve known for a long time so it was really nice to finally play with them. It went really well and it was a great crowd, the crowds in Germany are amazing so yeah, we felt like it went well so that was good.

This is all on the back of your debut release Star of Love, are you happy with the reception that you’ve received from it?

Yeah, I think its been good, I don’t follow the reviews that closely but from the general feeling I guess its good and the fact that people are still interested to talk to us and come see us and want us to play live means that its doing something and its something that we enjoy ourselves and something that we want to carry on doing. Its fun for us to do and people seem to enjoy it.

In your biography it says your band name was taken from an unfinished Opera which your singer Laure’s grandfather had written, that sounds like an interesting story…

It was amazing sort of lucky thing that happened to us, Laure introduced us to this world of music that we didn’t really know much about even though we were definitely interested in European folk music and pop music and many different types of music but it sort of focused our attention on this old tradition of Basque music and the sort of juxtaposition of that with what we knew so well, the kind of London dub-dance music made for a really interesting sound for us from the beginning so we just kind of carried on following it because it was so intriguing to us.

So you’re going to be attending Parklife this year, are you excited to be finally heading to Australia?

Yeah, its going to be great. We’ve never been to Australia as a band and Parklife has this kind of legendary status as the beginning of the Australian festival season and many, many friends and bands have told us it’s a great thing to do and to play so we’re very excited for the weather and the good attitudes of the people which we know so well already. So yeah, very excited.

From all the footage I’ve seen you bring a very energetic and colourful live show, is that the sort of thing we can expect from you guys?

Definitely, I think we’ve been sort of building in momentum as we continue the summer. We’ve really been enjoying playing live and bringing this larger than life show to the stage and its something that we’re definitely going to bring to Australia, I think its going to be some of the last live shows we do for this album so its going to be a culmination and explosion down there.

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