Cricket straight outta Compton?

In an international first, the world’s most unlikely cricket team, the Homies and the Popz Compton Cricket Club from Los Angeles has just released two new cricket raps – ‘Bullets’ and ‘Shots’.

Team members Isaac and Theo Hayes wrote the raps to document their team’s transition from ex-Latino and African American gang members from one of the most infamous suburbs in the U.S, Compton Los Angeles, to their exponential rise to global attention as the world’s first all American born exhibition cricket team.

The CCC is the only all American born disadvantaged exhibition cricket team in the world today, attracting media attention both on home turf and on an international scale.

The music has been posted on the Homies and the Popzs’ website as well as YouTube to coincide with the team’s plans for an inaugural tour to Australia in February 2008 – the first cricket team from the U.S to tour Australia in sporting history.

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