Crafter leaves Carpathian

The Australian Hardcore Community for the second time recently has seen a major lineup change with upcoming Melbourne Hardcore band Carpathian losing its vocalist Micheal Crafter or Crafter as he is known as throughout the industry. Crafter has decided to leave the band after spending the last seven months with them and extensively touring throughout the country and internationally supporting bands such as Parkway Drive and Atreyu, proving to be one of the hardest working bands in the country.

Since Crafter joined the band, their popularity had skyrocket and cemented themselves as a buzz band who are the new rising talent of Australian Hardcore.

Crafter is a former member of I Killed the Prom Queen and Shotpointblank. He is one of the biggest names in Australian Hardcore community and runs annual hardcore festival Prepare to Burn. He joined Carpathian after the release of their debut album Nothing to Lose which had singer at the time Martin on vocals and then once crafter joined played Guitar for the band after former guitarist Anth’s departure. Crafter had to say this on Carpathian’s Myspace about his departure.

“So I’ve decided to part ways with my friends Carpathian. It was one of the hardest decisions I’ve ever had to do. I’ve decided done my time with the band and its time for new things to happen in my life. Thankyou first of all to Marty, Farms, Dave, Julz, Josh and Dog for making my time with Carpathian amazing and supporting me. The past seven months with the band has been a lot of good times so thanks to the kids for coming out and supporting and all my friends who have stuck by me. Hopefully ill see you all again some day”

Crafter has shows left with Carpathian in Adelaide and Melbourne. Former singer Martin will take over vocals once again after this. Crafter has already put to rest any rumours of him rejoining I Killed the Prom Queen.