Courtney Love’s suckage

Courtney Love may be a mess, but that’s no obstacle to getting booked for a Perez Hilton showcase gig.

Perez Hilton’s third-annual One Night in Austin party was held in a sprawling warehouse filled with a hefty share of cross promotional branding.

Alphabeat, VV Brown and Marina and the Diamonds all played, but the punters had lined up for five hours to see Snoop Dogg draw his way through The Next Episode, Gin and Juice and a cover of House of Pain’s Jump Around and witness the newest incarnation of Hole.

Courtney Love’s crew reportedly put on a decent show for Perez on Saturday night, despite opening with Big Star’s Thirteen to the confusion of the Perez fans.

However, Hole’s Friday show was apparently fifty odd minutes of nothing as she whinged about the sound, her hotel room, and the general crappyness of the entire festival and everyone at it.

Backed by a band amusingly described by Rolling Stone as “a collection of guys with creative hair and adventurous beards”, Love sneered “I’m doing this for me, not you. If you don’t like it, suck it.”

Caught between joking and mocking, Love yowled, “I’m really sorry that we suck, but actually, I’m not, because I’m doing this for me. So enjoy the fucking suckage, because it’s 1 a.m. and I’m an elderly person.”

Closing the gig she declared the “Worst fucking show of my entire life” Love fell to the floor before being carried to the bar for another unnecessary beer.