Courtney Love: the artist – “coy and sexually alluring”

Courtney Love has launched her career as a visual artist with her debut exhibition of drawings in colored pencil, pastel and watercolour.

The show, And She’s Not Even Pretty, has opened at the Fred Torres Collaborations gallery in New York and according to the press release from the gallery “Courtney Love makes drawings of turmoil and contradictions with pure line, color and raw emotion. Sometimes whimsical and carefree, they too express dark psychological states. Sometimes coy and sexually alluring, they ultimately speak of her vulnerability and longing for fairytale romance. Above all, they show it all, as Courtney always does.”

Although Love told The Huffington Post that “A lot of this collection is about one romance” she claims that it’s “a Kurt-free zone” and refused to say which romance has inspired the collection – although perhaps there a hint in the Smashing Pumpkins, Nirvana and Hole lyrics scrawled on the artworks.

The show features more than 45 drawings, including one of Love’s friend Gwyneth Paltrow but the centrepiece of the exhibition is a Galliano wedding dress stained with lipstick and the slogan: ‘Not my cunt on my dime mother’. Apparently it’s the dress that was intended for Love’s marriage to Ed Norton.

Courtney Love says that she doesn’t know when she’ll do another show, but says that “if this works with me, there are gonna be a whole lot of other ones.”

Check out some of Courtney Love’s work:

You’ll Be Sad When I Jump, 2011, oil, watercolor, blood, colored pencil, marker on paper.

La Mort de Courtney, 2012, watercolor, oil, colored pencil, graphite on paper.

42 Birkin Bags, 2012, pastel, watercolor, colored pencil on paper,