Conservatives chase Lily

Lilly Allen claims that both main parties in the UK have been in touch seeking her endorsement for the upcoming election.

Allen had been the subject of criticism from Conservative leader David Cameron who bemoaned his six-year-old daughter’s obsession with Allen’s music, declaring the songs to be “unsuitable”.

Strangely, after his comments Cameron still gave one of her albums to Barack Obama along with selections from The Smiths, Radiohead and Gorillaz as a representation of the best British music has to offer.

That package of British music also included the Arctic Monkeys, which Allan sarcastically noted is “all about one-night stands and prostitution”. She told Sunday Times “I don’t think they’d have been denouncing me if I’d turned up at the Conservative party conference…I got an invite to the Labour one as well.”

Meanwhile Dave Rowntree, Blur drummer and Labour parliamentary candidate for the Cities of London and Westminster, has criticised Cameron over his alleged love of The Smiths and his motivation for wanting to be photographed outside The Smiths’ spiritual home of Salford Lads Club in Manchester in 2008..

“He’s a Smiths tourist, “Rowntree told the Guardian. “Real Smiths fans dress a certain kind of way, and they have a certain kind of haircut, and they wear certain kinds of T-shirts. But what they probably don’t do is have their picture taken outside the Salford Lads Club.”

Rowntree has also criticised former Prime Minister Tony Blair’s courting of UK bands during the Britpop era, “What got my goat about Tony Blair inviting all the bands to Number 10 was that that was the standard way politicians had interacted with musicians for generations. Cool Britannia was nothing to do with us. We never said Britannia was cool.”