Confession vocalist Michael Crafter fires bandmates: “I will be looking for legit friends”

Update: According to his most recent twitter activity, Crafter is now seeking replacements for his former bandmates: “Confession looking for new members. Over 21 looking for guitarist and drummer. Must go the gym, train etc. Australian people only. [email protected] email this email if you are interested in trying out. Guitarists and drummers. Send youtube or live footage”

Former I Killed The Prom Queen vocalist Michael Crafter has ‘fired’ all four members of his hardcore band Confession.

Crafter announced the axing of Adam Harris, Dan Brown, Shane O’Brien and Tim Crafter via Facebook earlier today, posting: “It’s Crafter here. I would like to announce that the members who used to play in this band have tried to double cross me. I have now kicked out all members of the band and will be looking for legit friends to play within the band. SO HEY GET FUCKED!”

The announcement comes only hours after the former Big Brother contestant had tweeted: “hahahaha wow i got kicked out my band without knowing?” and his name was erased from the Confession Facebook. He later took control of the social media page, deleting his bandmate’s names and announcing his relocation to Perth.

Explaining the situation to TheMusic earlier today Crafter said: “I woke up to a status update saying I was out of Confession. Then I found an email saying the same thing. However I had not been talked to at all. I then decided, ‘Well fuck it I can just say you are all out and find a new lineup.”

Photo taken from the Confession Facebook page.