Coerce @ Rocket Room 19.06.09

On a Freezing cold Friday night in Fremantle, a few people braved the wind to see what Coerce’s new album Silver Tongued Life Licker would sound like. Although the weather was not much to be happy about, the line up put on an intimate show at the Swan Basement that warmed the audience.

From Deep Within heated the stage with quick and high energy songs. The tempo varied a fair bit, but always got heavier in the traditional rock style. They filled the stage well considering there were only three band members, and the transitions between melodic songs and more metal influenced guitar riffs were smooth as. Although the singer, Francis McDougal, unfortunately rambled to the audience about his new guitar being responsible for a few slip ups. To begin with, it was fun that he blamed his guitar, but it became completely unnecessary his riffs were excellent and the band put on an awesome show that held the attention of the intimate audience well.

Grim Fandango were incredibly tight and the drummer did his job fantastically. There were numerous pauses throughout the song and were all nailed perfectly. There was a different set up with both guitarists and the bassist all doing equal vocals, but unfortunately midway through the set the sound quality fell down and the audience could barely hear the vocals at all. However, many of the audience members were there to help along with the lyrics and sang along enthusiastically.

Coerce began playing to a smaller audience than what was originally there, which may be attributed to the later time slot. They didn’t start until midnight, and spent longer on their sound check which enhanced the sound quality. They began with a heavily instrumental and captivating piece and the vocals were just as strong as their instruments. The music often built up perfectly to a point were the listener would expect an explosion of sound, but instead the band took the songs in an unexpected direction. The dynamics would often quieten before exploding and including vocals that probably should have brought in a larger audience. The album, Silver Tongued Life Licker, is sure to sell well if its live performances are anything to go by, although it would have been great to see a larger audience.

NB: Dekannen are excluded from this review due to a conflict of interest.

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