Cloud Nothings planning 2013 Australian tour

Dylan Baldi, leader of Cleveland lo-fi heroes Cloud Nothings and hater of boring indie rock played with bluegrass instrumentation, has also confirmed via Twitter that he’s working on bringing the band to Australia for a tour next year.

With the legendary Steve Albini behind the boards, the new Cloud Nothings album Attack On Memory has shifted from Baldi’s earlier, murky rock to a clearer, sharper sound that has more in common with the Replacements and Jawbreaker than grunge and shoegaze. FL’s review of the record declared that “across a lean eight tracks and half-hour running time, there’s not a wasted moment or failed hook.” Attack On Memory made the grade on FL’s mid year wrap up of the Best Albums of 2012 beside records from Pulled Apart By Horses, Grimes and Spiritualized.