Cinema Prague Album Ready

Finally, Cinema Prague have announced a release date for their next album, Snakes Alive. After a triumphant return gig at Capitol late last year where they gave us a little taste of this new album, fans have been waiting patiently all year, forced to content themselves with the online release We are the Moo Moo.

The launch will be held on 30th Jan at the Railway Hotel on what should be a gorgeous balmy night of disco waltz in the beer garden. It’s not surprising that it has taken them so long to get this together; band members are spread far and wide, with one in Melbourne, one in the middle of the ocean on an oil rig, and one just spread thinly across close to a billion bands. This just means that the launch of Snakes Alive will be even more of an event, since it is so rare that the band manages to play a gig together.