Chiodos cancel Soundwave appearance for US tour

What is turning in to a common theme of this year’s Soundwave line up another band has decide to ditch Australia and head out on tour with Linkin Park in the states. First it was Coheed and Cambria and now Chiodos have joined the nu metal giants across stadiums in the US. No news on any replacements but this statement was published on the Chiodos myspace page:

Dear the country/continent of Australia,

We regret to inform you that we have to cancel our dates on the “soundwave festival.” BUT WAIT, things will get sexier. We got an offer for a tour in the states that we couldn’t turn down with the position that were in. I know this sounds like were totally bailing on a bunch of totally wicked sweet dudes and dudettes, but were not. It was a really tough decision, all of us dudes were really really excited to hang out and head bang with you aussies, but it comes down to this opportunity that we can’t pass up. Hopefully you don’t hate on us and fly over to kill brad’s dog, steal derrick’s tobacco bong, give jason a shower, steal pat’s shoes, hot-wire craig’s car, and lastly pop my butt cherry. All of us know that violence is not the answer, BECAUSE we’ll be coming to australia soon, no worries. I have a scheduled fight with a kangaroo anyway, and that thing has been talking way too much shit, SO when that happens everyone is invited to watch me kick the shit out of this kangaroo, i’ve been training.

to sexy accents,


Social Distortion, Ace Enders and Coheed and Cambria have already pulled out of Soundwave but been replaced by Infectious Groves, Alexisonfire and finally City and Colour (Dallas Green).