Children will Collide at Stonefest this year!

Having just wrapped up their national Chosen Armies tour, Children Collide’s humble skinsman Ryan Caesar seems reasonably laid back and revamped considering they are one of Australia’s most well-travelled bands at the moment.

“We’ve been touring constantly for the last two years.” he says

“We’re trying to take it a little bit easier than we have been because we’ve been going really hard for years. There’s still a little bit of touring to do, but not one or two month long tours like we have been doing”.

Although Caesar did let slip that he is looking forward to visiting our lovely little town again. “Definitely, who isn’t excited about coming to Canberra?” he said after learning of this year’s Stonefest line-up.

“We’ve never played our own gig in Canberra though. We’ve supported The Grates and Faker there, but we’ve always had fun. Canberra gets overlooked a bit.”

Having toured with fellow Stonefest acts The Living End and British India in their earlier days, Caesar says that it’s usually a family affair when they all meet up together. “We’ve actually got the same manager as The Living End, so it’s usually a family affair with them.”

Caesar says it’s usually humbling to see those guys as they can see how they’ve all developed and grown as bands. However, he says that meeting up with The Living End in particular, can bring out their competitive traits as they’re both three-piece Melbourne bands.

“We have little competitions.” he jokes.

“They’ll always win, those guys are incredible. They can all play the hell out of their instruments.”

Asked whether Children Collide’s bassist Heath Crawley should play a double bass guitar like The Living End’s Scott Owens renown one, he believes it could be easier said than done.

“I think it’s too big for him. Heath is not a tall man. We’re an oddly sized band, I’m a lot taller than both those guys, but they’re not that short.” he says,

Children Collide played their debut gig on Halloween in 2004. Ironically they will be playing a –  “five year anniversary’ like gig at Stonefest this year on the fabled date.

After they wrap up their current tour schedule in January, after shows at Open Arms, Soundscape and Southbound Festivals they plan to knuckle down and record their next album.

With their mind-boggling tour schedule, it’s hard to imagine they would have any time to write any material. However, they have a lot of songs left over from The Long Now that will be brought out of the trash can.

“We wrote a lot of songs for the first album and we had a lot left-over, so a lot of them were written then. And we’ve been writing a lot since we released the album, whenever we get the chance to rehearse.”

“We’ll probably write a couple more songs, but the album’s written.”

Once the new album’s out, Children Collide will likely be bound for another hectic touring schedule.

“We’re very well-travelled, very well-travelled.” Caesar says.

For the meantime, Children Collide will be playing at this year’s Stonefest alongside The Living End, Birds of Tokyo, Josh Pyke and more, at the University of Canberra on 31 October. Tickets are on sale now.