Children Collide’s brush with Sandy: “Like a scene out of 28 Days Later”

An epic old time.

This is how Children Collide frontman Johnny Mackay has described weathering superstorm Sandy as it tore through the US east coast on Monday night.

The Melburnian guitarist, who relocated to New York last year, lives in the city’s East Village just a block away from the evacuation zone. Posting on the Children Collide Facebook wall today he described scenes out of a post-apocalyptic horror film: “Troupes of soldiers marching about blocking roads, cops in weird uniforms I’ve never seen, massive lines in lightless, candlelit shops, no power, no hot water, debris everywhere.”

Speaking to FL this morning from a friend’s house in uptown New York which he had to walk some 80 blocks to get to it, Mackay said he was doing well, despite having no power, hot water or phone reception. He likened the experience to camping and described New York as a city divided.

“Brooklyn and uptown are life as normal,” he told FL. “Where we live is like a scene out of 28 Days Later, or The Day After Tomorrow – except there are people. Just no power. You just wouldn’t realise how weird NYC is when it doesn’t have that.”

Another US-based Australian artist, Adelaide-born Sia, said she was also making the trek uptown after a night without power, while artists including Bruce Springsteen, Journey, Rufus Wainwright, The National, They Might Be Giants, Chairlift and The xx also cancelled shows #firstworldproblems. Australian DJ Havana Brown is en route to Philadelphia after spending the night holed up in a New York hotel without power. She hopes to catch a flight to Japan tomorrow.

New York was one of the hardest cities hit by Post-Tropical Cyclone Sandy, which killed at least 10 people and destroyed about 50 homes in the Queens district. The New York subway system is currently shut down, with thousands of homes facing an extended sting without electricity.