Children Collide Tour Mixtape

Children Collide’s tour mixtape by Johnny Mackay

I spend most of my time on the road with my head buried in my computer making all kinds of crappy music that will probably never be heard by anyone other than me. I even bought one of those things that powers your laptop through the car lighter socket. I’ve been told I breathe and tap loudly whenever I’m doing this. ANYWAY, here are a bunch of songs I will be drenching my ears with in between all that on this coming tour.

Dan Deacon – Pink Batman

A good leaving song I think. The start sounds like the intro and outro music of an awesome Wes Anderson film I’ve never seen. I also reckon the synths around the middle sound like cicadas. So I’d recommend putting this one on just as you’re leaving and then again as you’re arriving home. It will help to make you feel rounded and grounded. Just like Pink Batman did.

Spacemen 3 – Ecstasy in Slow Motion

This song is pretty much just a slowly modulating sound that spins and churns for 9 minutes or so and I find it incredibly hypnotic. I love getting into a kind of meditative state whilst travelling. With this song you don’t even have to close your eyes.

The War on Drugs – It’s Your Destiny

This track makes me want to stare out the window at the blurry yellow grass on the way to Bunbury WA. I actually only heard it recently as part of a bunch of reference tunes my friend sent me. Dreamy, drifty, done well.

Ron Grainer – Doctor Who theme

If you put this song on you can pretend the Tarago is actually a Tardis. Or Taradis. That way, if waking up in Adelaide makes you feel like you’ve gone back in time, it’s a little easier to rationalise. I once dated a girl who was really into Doctor Who. She referred to her gang of Doctor Who aficionados as her ‘Who Crew’. I always liked that for some reason.

Peter and the Wolf – Safe Travels

This is a cute little song sending you on your way down the garden path. Makes me feel like I’m a Noddy character in a little toy car with Big Ears at my side. Or maybe Bambi if Bambi was a likeable hobo instead of a sooky little deer/gentle fawn.

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