Children Collide @ Producers Bar, Adelaide (15/11/08)

2009 will be Children Collide’s year. Take note of these words.

This is the third time I have caught the Melbourne 3-piece in the last 6 months and they just get better and tighter. Frontman Jonny Mackay raising a slight smile when stepping on stage noticing the almost sold out crowd. Its amazing what a support slot for the revitalised Living End (after a dud record a couple of years ago…but that’s another story) does to a relatively unknown band. Only a few months ago Children Collide played to a handful of punters at venue half the size. Mackay mentioning that there were 50 times the amount of people that last time they played Adelaide. But the new album is out and everyone is happy.

Ripping straight into We Are Amphibious, quickly followed by We Live in Fear and Brave Robot the crowd were quickly on the same page as the band. The set list was obvious, as it always is for a bands first album tour. But Children Collide seemed happy to finally play tracks off of their debut album after two EP releases. Next up was Cannibal and Chosen Armies – complete with talking guitar! – showing they are not afraid to wear their Nirvana influences high on their sleeves – check out Economy off the Long Now album. While this is an obvious statement, they do it well showing you can absorb their heroes music without it sounding like a complete rip off.

They continued to tear through the majority of the new album like experienced troopers holding the crowd in their palms. Heading to the (unfortunate) end of the show, the big songs ended the show. Skeleton Dance, Terrible Lizard and next single Farewell Rocketship threw the crowd into oblivion. But nothing compared to when THE hit was played. I am talking, of course, about Social Currency which is destined to be a massive song for them. They finished off this triumpant show with a rocking instrumental number showing their diversity as a band. The future is bright for Children Collide.