Check out the best shots from Violent Soho bassist Luke Henery’s ‘She Riff: Australia’s Queens of Noise’

Violent Soho bassist and photographer Luke Henery has teamed up with writer Bianca Valentino to create ‘She Riff: Australia’s Queens of Noise’ – a collection of photos showcasing female musicians.

The project named after the Magic Dirt track started out as a feature for No Cure magazine to showcase the stories of female musicians who were often overlooked in mainstream media. Henery and Valentino wanted to capture stories about the musicians in their hometowns rather in half naked magazine cover poses. “It is really important to document their stories, as women have always been part of music and the Australian music scene since day one but they have not had the attention that their male counterparts have had,” Valentino told the ABC. “If they do get the attention, if they are on the front cover of a magazine, then more often then not they are semi-naked and we wanted to do something different.”

While Henery is used to being photographed on stage with Violent Soho, he says he actually prefers being on the other side of the lens. “Having the opportunity to capture someone like this is amazing and I do not take it with a grain of salt, being able to capture a moment is so special,” he says. “Being able to represent someone’s character and having them trust you to do that, I do not take that lightly.”

Musicians featured in the series include Adalita, Ecca Vandal and Karina Utomo from High Tension, and Young and Restless. The project was recently exhibited in the The Grates’ Southside Tea Room in Brisbane, but if you missed out you can check out some of the amazing shots below.


Ecca Vandal

Karina Utomo

All photos by Luke Henery, except for the lead shot by Jasmin Henery via No Cure’s Instagram.