Categorical proof Sir Paul McCartney invented the selfie

Sir Paul McCartney didn’t just invent fake deaths, the violin bass, electro-pop, psychedelic rock, heavy metal and One Direction. He’s also responsible for two things teenagers in 2013 can’t live without: selfies and photobombs.

The Beatles icon made the startling claim in an interview with Jimmy Fallon last night. He was shown an old photo of himself holding a camera, after which he confessed: “Most people don’t know that I invented the selfie.” He also took credit for photobombing after Fallon pulled out an old photo of George Harrison with two Beatlemaniacs.

McCartney played three songs on Fallon last night: ‘New’ and ‘Save Us’, from his forthcoming album, the imaginatively titled New, as well as the Beatles classic ‘Lady Madonna’.

Here’s McCartney (and hence the world’s) first ever selfie:

Or is it?

McCartney became a selfie addict in the Beatles’ early years:

McCartney and Earl Sweatshirt selfie circa 2013:

The monumental moment in world history when the photobomb was born:

Watch Paul McCartney on Fallon: