Cast of Cheers: Splendour Mixtape

With less than two weeks to go until Splendour In The Grass hyperactive Dublin four piece Cast Of Cheers share their Splendour Mixtape with FasterLouder.

At The Drive-In

We’re all massive fans of ATDI. I first heard of them when Relationship of Command was released. I had never seen a band bursting with as much energy before in my life. I loved that album so much that I went back and got everything they had ever recorded before which was no mean feat as these were pre-internet days (for me anyways!). Would love to hear them pull out tunes like Sleepwalk Capsules, Cosmonaut, Pattern Against User, Heliotrope and Transatlantic Foe in their live set.

Jack White

I love Jack Whites guitar style. He comes up with some of the coolest riffs. He’s a perfect example of how less can be more sometimes. He can take three or four notes, some nice distortion and a Whammy pedal and make a tune that everyone around the world will be singing for the next two years! I dont know if he’s going to play any White Stripes stuff or just songs from Blunderbuss but I’d love to hear Fell in Love With a Girl, Sixteen Saltines, Icky Thump and obviously Seven Nation Army simply because everyone in the whole festival will be singing along!

Smashing Pumpkins

Smashing Pumpkins were by far the biggest influence on Conor and myself growing up. Our older brother was a big fan and I remember the day he queued up for hours to buy the cassette tape of Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness. My Dad read the lyrics to Bullet with Butterfly Wings over the dinner table that evening and concluded that the lyrics were disgusting. I thought they were fabulous and still do! Gish, Siamese Dream and Mellon Collie are what got us playing guitar! I’ve seen them live a few times and my favourite song they performed was Porcelina of the Vast Oceans. An immense tune! The first time I saw them play was around 1999 in Dublin and they played Siva from Gish for the first time since they toured that album. That was incredible to see. Especially because I was about 13! Geek USA would blow my underpants inside out too.

Bloc Party

Silent Alarm had recently come out when I started college. I remember seeing a guy in my class with a t-shirt that read “Bloc Party” and I had no idea what that meant. That guy later became a good friend and we listened to shit loads of Bloc Party for the next four years! I had been listening to loads of nineties rock like Smashing Pumpkins, Rage Against the Machine and Presidents of the USA and Bloc Party sounded so new and exciting to me. I hope they play Positive Tension. Love the drums in that song. Would also like to hear Song for Clay and Waiting for the 7.18, the “lets drive to Brighton” bit at the end of that tune is amazing!

Django Django

We got their album a few months back and it was a staple of weekend sounds for a couple of months in our house. Have yet to see them live but that want will be quelled when we reach Australia because we’re doing three sideshows with them. Can’t wait to see how they pull off some their tunes to a live audience. Can’t wait to hear Default and WOR for the dancing and then Waveforms and Loves Dart for the tripping. ;)


I feel like Wolfmother have been time-warped to us from the mid-seventies. They nail that sound that so many bands fail to. This is music that I love to drunkenly shout along to and spill my beer to… so needless to say I hope to catch them at Splendour. There’s loads of interesting guitar lines throughout their tunes too. They’re playing home turf this time so I’d say they’ll have a massive crowd. Hope they play Colossal and Pleased to Meet You as it’s a whopper tune!

Hypnotic Brass Ensemble

I saw these supporting Prince last year and towards the end of Princes set they came out and began playing with his band too. I love their synced head bopping too! See them! I guarantee loads of fun. I don’t know their tunes well enough to pick favourites but I hope they play them all!

The Cast of Cheers

Trucks at Night is one my favourite songs to play live. It’s definitely going to be part of our set and there’s a nice little guitar fuzz ending riff that isn’t there on the album.