Buy part of the Annandale

You can help to save one of Australia’s favourite venues as part of a public campaign to rescue the debt-ridden Annandale Hotel.

Matt and Dan Rule, who have run the Annandale for a decade, have already sold off the venue’s nine poker machines to keep the business afloat and now they’re calling on fans to buy the venue brick by brick.

Under the “buy-a-brick plan” you can pay $20 – $250 for a brick that will bear a plaque with your name certifying you as a genuine fan of live music in Sydney. Funds raised from the sales will go towards further reducing the hotel’s debts while paying for a desperately needed upgrade, which will include overhauling the live music room, replacing beer-soaked carpets and renovating parts of the exterior.

Matt Rule says that several musicians have pledged their support and donations were collected from bands that had performed there over the years.

Last year Matt Rule spoke to FL 10th Birthday celebrations to tell us about his top ten Annandale shows including The Bronx, Kings of Leon and The Saints.

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