Bruce Springsteen to play at the AFL Grand Final?

Miss Info sadly appears to have retired from her brief career as a surprisingly reliable tour tipster, but her chief rival Nui Te Koha is still hard at work breaking the big (and occasionally fictitious) news stories.

Today he has announced on Triple M’s Hot Breakfast that “the word is promoter Michael Gudinski has got Bruce Springsteen wrapped up” to play at the AFL Grand Final. Hot Breakfast co-host (and Collingwood president) Eddie McGuire added that the AFL would be making changes to their Grand Final entertainment format for 2012, telling listeners that “You can take it to the bank that instead of pre-match it will be a halftime show and the stage where it’s been in the stand is gone as well. That will come back out into the middle.”

If true, the news would be a major coup for the AFL following the pre-game performance from Meatloaf at last year’s Grand Final that could be generously described as a debacle and made past year’s of terrible Grand Final ‘entertainment’ look decent in comparison. After pocketing a lazy $500,000 for his staggeringly off-key set and the inevitable backlash The Loaf sooked that the AFL are “jerks” and vowed to “go out of [his] way to tell any artist do not play for them.”

However it doesn’t look like Meatloaf will have to bother calling Springsteen to warn him about taking the gig, with by a spokeswoman for Gudinski’s company The Mushroom Group flatly telling the Sydney Morning Herald that “there’s no truth in that rumour at all”. An August/September tour for The Boss had been reported late last year when a series of ‘leaked’ dates appeared on a Springsteen fan blog, but sadly those dates were also quickly ruled out.

Although the SMH article has poured cold water on the latest round of Springsteen rumours it does note that “other popular music acts rumoured to be visiting Australia this year include Lady Gaga, Van Halen and the Rolling Stones, while Madonna has confirmed she will tour Australia early next year, her first show Down Under in 20 years.”

So while we might not get to see the star of the 2009 Super Bowl half-time entertainment we will get to see this year’s main Super Bowl attraction – and that nearly makes up for it, right?