British India – Outside 109/Automatic Blitzkrieg

I must say, it may have been more fitting to listen to British India’s Outside 109/Automatic Blitzkrieg dual-single on the limited edition 7” vinyl, rather than its digital counterpart. The stylish arrogance of their sound positively cries out for it. Despite the absence of a warm analogue medium, though, this appetiser certainly leaves you with an addiction-like craving for the main course.

The four piece from Melbourne have been teaming up with the likes of Gomez, The Music, the Living End and the Hoodoo Gurus of late after making an well-received appearance at the Indie Initiative show last year. Then it was into the studio with rock veteran producer Lindsay Gravina (Jet, Spiderbait, Magic Dirt) to record their debut EP.

Outside 109 is a combination of Datsuns-like ballsy riffs with an obnoxious allure akin to Swedes The (International) Noise Conspiracy, all packaged in tried-and-true rock cliches that – surprisingly – are still in functioning condition. Energy rock certainly appears to be the flavour of the year and British India are right on the money with Outside 109.

Automatic Blitzkrieg initially seems uncannily similar to the raw country-tinged Dallas Crane brand of rock, but it soon takes a different tangent, teetering on dance rock with pounding kick drum, repetitive riffs and primal basslines. Declan Melia’s vocals are reminiscent of early Craig Nicholls, threatening to shatter at any moment and full of unrestrained defiance.

With the debut EP available in August, this double single is proving to be a bit of a teaser. Nonetheless, I get the feeling it will be well worth the wait.