Bring Me The Horizon “just being silly” over mosh ban

Bring Me The Horizon’s Oliver Sykes was “just being silly” when he said he was banned from saying “mosh pit” or “wall of death” on the US Warped tour.

This according to bandmate Joshua Fish, who caught up with FL writer Grace Bullen from Las Cruces, New Mexico, where Bring Me The Horizon just played to a 7600-strong crowd. Earlier in the week, Sykes stirred up a circle-pit of rage by inferring that punters were no longer allowed to mosh on the Warped tour. It forced promoter Kevin Lyman to clarify that it was OK to mosh at his festival, just as long as band’s didn’t encourage it. “In America that leads to many lawsuits,” he said. “I have been through many, no fun and costly.”

Fish has further clarified the situation, saying Bring Me The Horizon were told to “be a bit careful” following their show at the Shoreline Amphitheatre in San Francisco. “It was so hot and the crowd was going so mental and kids were getting hurt, so that was it basically,” he explained. “Everyone took it as dead serious and then you get loads of people going: ‘They’re trying to ban moshing.’ But he was just being a bit tongue-in-cheek. The next day we left and it was all on news websites and stuff like that. It’s just funny.”

Bring Me The Horizon will return to Australia for the second time in 2013, playing shows in October with Of Mice And Men and Crossfaith. They were last here for January’s Soundwave, where a lit flare thrown into the crowd marred their Sydney set. Initial reports suggested a teenage girl had been “”seriously burned and disfigured””:, but the injury was not as serious as first suspected.

“It was literally just nothing,” Fish said. “I mean the girl got hurt, she got some burns on her arm and stuff, but we invited her to our show three days later. She came along and she had some plasters on and she was like, ‘No I’m fine, it’s no big deal.’ I mean the news was saying that she was mutilated and all this kind of stuff and we were like, ‘God, they’re freaking out.’”

So what do the band have planned for the October tour? “Well, we’re gonna have a bit more production,” Fish teased, adding that the set will be a mix of old and new material lifted from their fourth album Sempiternal. Released in April, Sempiternal was listed among our best metal releases of 2013 so far.

The full interview will be published on FL soon.