Bright Black Sky-Jimmi Carr

Musical influences from folk to rock to hip hop inhabit this release from mountain man (Blue Mountains that is) Jimmi Carr’s latest release, Bright Black Sky. Easing into this record you sense an artist experimenting and looking for a home to inhabit. The single ‘Light Sleeper’ with the rapping and production bring to mind Beck, but the white boy rapping style is not something Jimmi excels at. Jimmi is joined by Hermitude on this track and the production quality is outstanding.

But when he and his band and the accompanying horns rock with ‘Stand And Deliver’ there is a bit more oomph and true soul laid down here. The title track, ‘Bright Black Sky’, is also one of the better moments found within, with some good playing and production, but the singing tends to not quite follow through with the goods. Jimmi is joined by his producer John Stuart on slide and pedal steel and Pete Drummond on drums and Luke Dubber on keys and they do lay down a nice musical base for the songs Jimmi has written. Add some strings and horns on some of the recorded moments and you have a well produced recording.

‘Take You Home’ is a lovely string backed melodical tune that sits pretty in any collection of songs and definitely shows true songwriting talent in this young Australian. You can say the same of the simple ‘Lonely’ also and these tunes do showcase his talents.The problem with this disc is the mixed influences and the lack of cohesion amongst the songs. Jimmi is searching for a voice, looking for a vehicle to support his songwriting, but it appears he took too many different turns along the way and the overall package does not gel.

Definitely worth taking the time to have a listen and you may find a moment or a tune that will capture your imagination and soul from the creation of Jimmi Carr.