Breaking: Flooding forces timetable changes at Soundwave Sydney

UPDATE: 25/2/13 – Garbage have announced that the “REAL” details about their Soundwave cancellation will be revealed today and confirmed that their remaining dates will go ahead as scheduled.

UPDATE: 24/2/13 – 5.20pm: Garbage have confirmed that their Sydney Soundwave set has been cancelled. There have also been several changes to the Stage Two timetable:

PARAMORE will close the stage from 9.45pm -10.45pm

THE OFFSPRING will play from 8.45-9.45pm

BLINK-182 will play from 7.30pm until 8.45pm

SHARKS will make up their set from earlier today playing 6.15-7.15pm

CYPRESS HILL are playing from now until 6.05pm

UPDATE: AJ Maddah has said on Twitter that gear is being flown in for Garbage and Paramore, and that Garbage should be able to play at the scheduled time.

ORIGINAL STORY: The schedule on Stage Two at Soundwave festival in Sydney today has hit a major snag with the truck carrying the bands’ gear delayed by up to 10 hours due to flooding.

Brendan Kelly bassist with The Lawrence Arms, who had been scheduled to play on Stage Two at midday, has announced on Twitter that truck carrying all the gear for the bands set to perform on the stage has been delayed up to 10 hours. Festival boss AJ Maddah has announced that 58 Soundwave trucks have arrived on site with just two caught in flooding. The gear for most Stage Two acts including Blink 182 and The Offspring has arrived, but Maddah is currently looking at freight planes and helicopters to get Paramore and Garbage’s gear to the festival site in time for their sets later today.

Sharks, who had been scheduled to open the action on Stage Two, were forced to cancel their performance at the festival due to the delay. In a series of posts on Twitter, the band reported that the truck with their guitars showed up as their set had been scheduled to end at 11.30am. The band had tried to borrow guitars for their set but couldn’t get any at such short notice.

Stage Two is due to host sets from many Soundwave drawcards including The Vandals, Billy Talent, Sum 41, Paramore, Blink-182 and The Offspring.