Boys of Summer Tour @ Governor Hindmarsh, Adelaide, (21/01/07)

With the hotly successful Boys Of Summer tour going around Australia for second time withí‚ Phenomenon Australianí‚ Powerhouse I Killed The Prom Queen headlining the event, Mathcore/ Metalcore giants Misery Signals from America, Melbourne Screamo boys The Getaway Plan, Pop Punk/ Powerpop sensation Spitalfield and local band In Fiction. This highly anticipated tour was a great chance for the high underage crowd there to let their hair down one last time before getting back to school.

First up to play for this large eagerí‚ crowd was local band In Fiction who seemed that they were very humbled to be on thisí‚ national tour which was a great breakthrough for this band that just over a year ago was beginning to get into the Adelaide Live Scene. In Fiction had a strong support from there core Adelaide fans and played a short bouncy set with lots of energy that was a good start to the night.

Next up was American band Spitalfield that seemed virtually unknown to the crowd and unfortunately this meant that they were quite ignored by the crowd. From my perspective they played a great set full of catchy songs and were enjoyable to watch as the band members were quite happy to be playing and were talking with the crowd.í‚ I met the band afterwards and they were overwhelmingly nice. There set included Secrets In Mirrors, Five Days Counting and many more.

Then The Getaway plan were onstage, they had a strong crowd that was going crazy for them up the front. I was really impressed By The Getaway Plan’s professionalism with their performance. Inbetween every song they had an electronic backing to lead into the next song which sounded awesome and made there live performance great to watch. I was impressed with vocalist Matthew’s vocal range from being able to do deep screams and get back to his normal voice in an instant. He was an excellent live performer as well as the rest of The Getaway Plan. I believe that this band really has a future in the industry after seeing this performance because of how much they set themselves apart from the pack with their integrity for such a young band. In this set they played Hide Your Children, Quarantined, A Toast To The Burning Of Estate, 2 new songs from their upcoming album and more.

Then a band that I was really looking forward to being Misery Signals were on stage next. These guys from Wisconsin brought there explosive live sound to Adelaide and performed a great powerful set. Opening theí‚ circle up with there breakdowns and riffs they got the crowd going hard. New Vocalist for ‘Mirrors’ Karl Schubach was dominating and really entertained the crowd with his general presence on stage. The thing that sets Misery Signals apart from every other band in this Metalcore scene is there longí‚ instrumental sectionsí‚ in between the vocals that were really the best technical musical performance of the night. They played a varied selection between albums ‘Mirrors’ and ‘Of Malice And The Magnum Heart’ and Schubach really pulled of the ‘Of Malice And The Magnum Heart’ songs. Misery Signals setlist included The Failsafe, Anchor, A Victim A Target, and many more.

Then it was time for the hometown heroes I Killed The Prom Queen to play for an Adelaide crowd who came to see them after they haveí‚ had a long stint touring in America and Canada with Silverstein. They came on with the theme song of the tour Boys of Summer which was sung in strong vocals by the crowd. They opened up there set with ‘Your Shirt Would Look Much Better With A Columbian Neck-Tie’ which was a perferct opener with its brutal breakdown. Birthday Boy (there was much controversyí‚ over whether it was actually his birthday or a tour joke)í‚ Ed Butcher was an amazing live performer and really got the crowd into it.

Guitarist Kevin Cameron was great to watch live with his crazy antics. Prom Queen also added some extra instrumentals which was really great to see that they were capable of that. They are just a momentously good live act with how enthusiastic and energetic they are, it makes you thin kafter so much touring how tired they would get. Prom Queen covered a Day Of Contempt song with old Day Of Contempt singer Ben Coyte there which really went off with most of the crowd being Day Of Contempt fans and a huge pit for this. Prom Queen played most of Music For The Recently Deceased and crowd favouriteí‚ Sharks In Your Mouth had something really special about it and got the crowd hyped. After finishing the set they came back for an encore with punishing track ‘666’í‚ and the whole crowd and members from The Boys Of Summer bands singing Happy Birthday to Ed Butcher. This was an amazing live set that the crowd really went mad for and brought the full meaning of Adelaide Mosh.

Overall I believe that this tour is great because it exposes alot of unknown bands to people that are going for the headliners (ie IKTPQ) and gives them some great exposure. This was a great night overall with many varied styles of music and awesome live performances, I can not wait to see if there will be a Boys Of Summer tour next summer ‘after the boys of summer have gone’.