Bodyjar, One Dollar Short, For Amusement Only, Irrelevant @ The HiFi, Brisbane (24/08/2012)

For what seemed like it would be a very quiet Friday night at The Hi-Fi, the room filled up quite quickly. The crowd was a mixture of people but, it was a very male based group.

The first band to hit the stage was Sydney band Irrelevant. The hard-core/metal/punk group called it quits in 2008 but, banded back together to play a string of shows with One Dollar Short and Bodyjar. Irrelevant didn’t seem like an ideal choice to start the night and as much as I hate to say it their lead singer looked as if he spent his down time learning to spin his microphone around rather than working on the quality and sound of the music. Only a few keen fans in the room sang along to the words screamed down from the stage. I overheard a group of people comment “This band’s name is exactly what the music is… Irrelevant”. Overall, the boys did what they were there to do.

Four piece Punk-Pop band from Victoria For Amusement Only really know how to put on a show. Slightly gutter mouthed but, the crowd ate up every bit of it. Tonight seemed to be the night for second-chances and reunions. A great Australian band that made you feel as if the scene hadn’t died.

One Dollar Short: WOW. These guys were the kings when it comes to Australian Punk-Rock before going on hiatus (as most great punk/pop bands tend to do) back in 2005. Tonight was a night for revivals, new beginnings and nothing was going to get in their way. There was so much energy flowing from the stage into the crowd as strong believers that punk-pop is not dead screamed out the lyrics and rocked out with pride. Singing ass-kicking tracks such as Unsung Hero, Is This Part? and The Letter. This is a band that will make you feel alive.

The crowd started to buzz as the veterans of Australian Punk Pop Bodyjar took to the stage. In 2009 the boys called it quits, reunited for a one off show in 2011 and finally, in early 2012 the guys re-banded and lined up a string of shows, which was a breath of fresh air to faithful followers and adoring fans of the Melbourne boys. This is what a punk pop show should be. People packed into a room, up against the stage, hot, sweaty, arms in the air and singing along with the nod of your head. That is exactly how the night went. Songs One In A Million and 17 Years were by far crowd favourites, as were Underwater and Not The Same. This was a night that made you damn proud to be an Australian, and even prouder that we are home to some amazing punk talent. The veterans of the scene put on a show that is at the very least equal with most of the up-and-coming punk/pop bands that they no doubt influenced. Well done boys. Well done.