Bluejuice playlist: “it’s a shameful thing to listen to our early material”

Perennial party starters Bluejuice are out on the road on the FasterLouder Live tour heading to universities up and down the Eastern seaboard with their mates in Deep Sea Arcade and The Preachers to help try and ease the plight of freezing students everywhere.

To help kill time in the tour bus Bluejuice’s Jamie Cibej took us on a guided tour of the band’s playlist to reveal which Sesame Street character released a song about a late-night homosexual rendezvous, which early Bluejuice song still fills the band with a murderous hatred, and why acid jazz will make you barf into your cereal.

First Album You Bought: Big Audio Dynamite – The Globe

Apart from the two big singles ‘Rush’ and ‘The Globe’, I don’t remember too much about this album. I did get a lot of shit from my friends when I insisted the lyrics to ‘The Globe’ were “switch on the stove”, rather than “switch on the strobe”. Everybody knows the only way to get a dance party started is to set the oven to 220 degrees, and bake your sticky date pudding mixture for 35-40 minutes.

First Album Handed Down To You: Grover Sings The Blues

My parents’ vinyl collection was pretty dire, though even at an early age it was impossible not to recognise the shining brilliance of Sesame Street’s Grover Sings The Blues. Never before had an artist encapsulated the blues in such an authentic way. Grover explored his lonely anguish and chronic masturbation issues on ‘What Do I Do When I’m Alone’, he tackled existentialism on ‘The Question Song’, and he addressed his 12 divorces and rumoured late-night homosexual rendezvous’ on ‘Grover Takes A Walk’. It was always a testament to Grover’s professionalism that on Sesame Street he only appeared to be humorously neurotic, rather than the wreck of a muppet that he was in private.

First Break-Up Album: The Mars Volta – De-Loused At The Comatorium

Instead of opting to heal the damage with sensitively-emotive-singer-songwriters, or anything that dealt openly with lost love, I chose to listen to Texans going apeshit in weird time signatures on The Mars Volta’s De-Loused In The Comatorium. I only understood a handful of lyrics, but Cedric’s wailing and the visceral intensity of the playing was perfect to blast out the ghost of girlfriends past.

Guilty Pleasure Album: Bluejuice – Anything recorded before 2007

When you’re in Bluejuice, it’s a shameful thing to listen to our early material. Stylistically we’ve tried to distance ourselves from ourselves for so many years, but I derive a sick pleasure in occasionally listening to the worst of what we had to offer at the beginning. Terrible playing, inexcusable lyrics, fucking bass wah – it’s all there. A fun party trick is to play 2002’s mercifully un-released ‘Pumpin’ Your Fists’ loudly on a stereo, and then watch a range of emotions flit across Stav’s face in an instant; fear, embarrassment, murderous hatred. It’s a joy to behold.

Fave Australian Album

My grandmother is about 97 years old, has been deaf for decades, and knows as much about rock music as a plate of broccoli. Yet in 1995 she bought me You Am I’s Hi Fi Way and The Cruel Sea’s The Honeymoon Is Over, and these albums quickly became my favourites. Apart from the bluesy swagger of the singles on The Honeymoon Is Over, there are also some really great instrumental tracks on there – all spacey reverb, but still punchy and percussive. Hi Fi Way is full of incredible songwriting, plus on ‘Purple Sneakers’ the Glebe Point Bridge is mentioned, and to my teenage mind this local reference was the coolest thing I’d ever heard.

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