Bloodduster, Tourettes, Pod People, Mindsnare, Repture @ HiFi Bar, 20/08/05

Bloodduster and their packed support line-up smashed the Hi Fi and everyone in it on Saturday night. It was a gig of screaming, spitting, finger pointing, ‘blood’ and nudity. I was stoked to hear what I’m mostly deprived of in the average live environment. The boys from Northcote are to be praised, simply because they are one of the last bastions of truly offensive rock music in Australia, and the great thing about shows like this one is that they scare off casual observers, so the dudes that are there, are dudes that really want to be there. You know what i mean: Black and tatts and flannies and bogans and metal lovers from wall to wall. No mucking around.

Sunbury’s Repture set the tone for the evening pretty well. And by ‘tone’ I mean the alluring ladies g-strings they were selling the merchandise table with ‘Target’ tags still attached. Second support Tourettes, from Sydney, were a real highlight. My original plan was to drink beers, half listen to supports, crap on to my mate, punish Bloodduster and fuck off home, but Tourettes made me pay attention. Thanks to their smashing vocalist Michele Madden, I was reminded that sometimes it’s good to be a nerd and show up early. Her range is incredible, she moves around like some angry warrior, and she can be roaring, piercing and scary all in one song. It’s like seven power drills all going at once on different settings. The band’s whole sound was really interesting, and they were always fantastically heavy but not monotonously so.  

My ears were ringing pretty hard by Mindsnare, so maybe they were good, maybe not. I was confused. But I do know that pointing in the air with your back to the crowd and spitting alcohol on the people in the front row doesn’t necessarily constitute heavy metal.

At Bloodduster time my brain was the temperature and consistency of warm soup – a suitably pliable state, perhaps. Singer Tony Lee Roth (his name for now) and drummer Rizzo were drenched in the appropriate amount of ‘blood’, and Tony’s little homeboy get-up was a ripper. They started the set with Pornstorestiffi, which pretty much gave me a stiffy, pounded through a magic selection of material and ended with DFF, during which bassist Jason P. C. did one of the least P. C. things I have ever seen by getting nude and playing his bass with his penis.

Aside from their kick-arse sound, funny lyrics and the way they say ‘G’day c-nts!’ to everyone in the world, what I love most about Bloodduster is their total comfort with what they’re doing. While most singers in heavy bands show signs of great physical effort – sweat, throbbing temples, popping veins – Tony strolls around busting out the most intense metal roar, yet he looks as relaxed as if he were wandering through the living room talking to his mum on the cordless phone set-up.

Fuck Yeah.