Bliss N Eso, Pez, Diafrix @ ANU Bar, Canberra (06/06/2009)


Kicking off the tour with bright coloured lights, killer sound system and a feast of recognisable tunes, the popular hip hop trio Bliss N Eso blasted the audience with songs from the new album Flying Colours.

As Diafrix kicked off the night off, the crowd gathered with their bottles and cans in hand to get in the mood. Spinning some solid beats and funky tunes, the crowd got moving. Another well known Hip Hop act Pez, loved for his super stylish rap techniques rocked the stage and kept the place pumping. He held down a rock hard show and brought the audience into Aussie hip hop mode, and they were getting psyched for the main act.

The room got hot, everyone was sweating and no one could stop moving, not only were they dancing and moving to the beats, but all those who knew the lyrics were singing along, jumping up and down in excitement, this was something they’d all been looking forward to. Throw in a little crowd surfing, and you’ve got one crazy night. A little too intimate for some, people avoided the body contact and were watching from the back of the room enjoying what little they could see but everything they could hear. A perfect set up with the bar at the back of the room, and the stage on the other side, it provided an escape for those who liked the chilled out side of it.

The whole night was packed with Uni students and obvious fans crowding in as close as possible to catch a glimpse of the hooded hip hop stars and their sweat rags. The beat boxing, turn table skills and crowd interaction all contributed to the stand out show. The performers were on fire, giving Canberra the opportunity to experience yet another talented Aussie hip hop act and the crowd certainly fed off it like animals, no one could tell the difference between a mosh pit and a regular hip hop show.

Having traveled around the world and all over Australia together, the MC’s showed growth and unity. This was reflected in the latest album, and all throughout their performance. Representing true talent in the hip hop scene, the trio delivered a solid show with plenty of variety, bringing in older songs that the audience wanted to hear. Hands in the air, the young crowd seemed pleased to be there, the ANU bar held yet another successful performance, not only for the audience but also upheld the standard for the ever growing Bliss N Eso to once again, dominate the world known as Aussie Hip Hop.