Bleeding Knees Club – Nothing to Do

Any band that describes their sound as “Thrash Pash Gash Rash” and their hometown on Facebook as “overies” is going to appeal to a certain type of person, and it’s likely this person will be very pleased with Nothing to Do, the straightforward but highly enjoyable debut from Gold Coast band Bleeding Knees Club.

Produced by unlikely candidate Dev Hynes (Blood Orange, Lightspeed Champion) the album’s not going to start a revolution or change the musical landscape by any means, but instead is a worthy party album, combining ‘50s doo wop homages ( Teenage Girls, Lipstick ) with snotty brat punk ( Hate Me, Problem Child ) without venturing outside, even for a cheeky smoke.

Listening to it feels a bit like being stuck on the set of Grease, while it’s being invaded by drunk ‘90s skater punk kids. The songs are all fast, juvenile and full of attitude. There isn’t a ballad in sight.

The album’s short as you’d expect, clocking in at under 27 minutes, and the longest track is just a tick over three. But, rather than this being a lack of depth, this is instead a calculated attempt by BKC to serve a purpose and not overreach. They could probably write an 8 minute epic if they wanted to… but it’s more fun this way.

With song titles like Beach Slut, and harmonies and melodies that could’ve been written in a couple of hours over a joint, it’s clear that Nothing to Do is no intellectual statement by any means but it was never meant to be. It’s not going to challenge your brain cells, but I challenge you not to crack a smile when Alex and Jordan sing about teenage girls and holding hands.

It’ll be interesting to see if BKC can prolong their schtick beyond this debut, and where they could take it from here. But, for now, they’re good at what they do and it’s a hell of lot of fun to listen to.