Black Keys fan to Royal Headache: Mind your Ps and Qs

A disgruntled Black Keys fan has sparked this week’s latest meme: A fake tumblr account decrying the manners of opening act Royal Headache.

Rude Headache invites users to share their experiences of “being mistreated by this extremely uncouth band”. Responses so far have ranged from lambasting Royal Headache for their poor pub etiquette (“I saw one of the dudes from royal headache drinking at a pub without a coaster under his beer”) to questioning their credentials on the open sea (“They consistently fail to sound their klaxon as they exit the Heads, thereby thumbing their nose at over a century of rich nautical tradition”).

The tumblr account was prompted by a post on the band’s Facebook’s wall last night, in which a Black Keys fan said she “walked out” on their performance at the Sydney Entertainment Centre because bass guitarist Joe Sukit turned his back on the crowd. “Perhaps get your bass guitarist to acknowledge your audience rather than performing with his back to everyone,” she wrote. “Height of rudeness & embarrassing for the main act.” In response, singer Shogun wrote back: “We had fun. I might have forgotten to tuck my shirt in too, sorry about that.”

This isn’t the only online “controversy” Royal Headache have been caught up in this week, with the boss of their label R.I.P Society, Nic Warnock, outing himself as the Independent Music Awards heckler in a stinging missive published on hipster music website Crawlspace. In addition to owning up to yelling out “not independent” when Sydney label Ivy League were mentioned, Warnock attacked other nominees, suggesting their contribution to culture is on par with 50 Shades Of Grey and vajazzling, and likening them to “music from tampon ads”. Incidentally, Royal Headache took home the award for Best Independent Album that night.

Reviewing Monday night’s sold-out show with The Black Keys in Sydney, FL contributor Max Easton said Royal Headache received a fairly lacklustre response. “There is one kid in front of me awkwardly hopping along to punk songs, and it’s at that point you realise this isn’t about selling Black Keys fans on the hype of Royal Headache. Rather, it’s potentially opening the eyes of that one kid to the world that hides underneath the radio.” Full report here.