Black Keys back in October or for Big Day Out

Ever since The Black Keys bailed on their Australian tour early last year we have been waiting for some solid confirmation they would back, and now we finally have it – by way of Cherry Bar owner James Young.

Eschewing previous ‘reports’ by rumour monger Nui Te Koha that The Black Keys could be here for Splendour, Young – who is Triple M’s music reporter-at-large at SXSW – has assured us that he “had long words with Patrick and Dan [from The Black Keys] and they assured me that if they’re not here in October they will be here for the Big Day Out.”

Young’s adventures in Texas this year have reportedly piqued the interest of Collingwood President Eddie McGuire who, “After hearing what James had to say about the SXSW event…was so impressed wants to present the idea to the Victorian Major Events company to see if he can get this happening in Melbourne.” Wonder if he has heard of Big Sound, FUSE, Face The Music or One Movement Festival?