Birds Of Tokyo – This Fire

Change is coming, so get ready. This is the message Birds Of Tokyo are sending listeners with their new four-track EP, This Fire, the follow-up to 2010’s self-titled platinum release. And it’s probably a necessary thing considering their down-the-line radio rock has nearly run its course.

The opening title track is the most reminiscent of the band’s previous sound, although much softer (as with most of this EP). Minimalist verses are driven by a pounding beat and Ian Kenny’s hooky melodies that open up to a marching and repetitive chorus. The track is a clear radio winner, which was no doubt the plan all along.

The other songs on the EP, however, are where the band truly shine. ‘Glowing In The Streets’ is propelled by bass, fuzzy synths and, of course, those catchy melodies. EP closer ‘The Lake’ is another track featuring keys as its main instrument instead of guitars, which remain in the background throughout. This Fire seems like a more mature approach to songwriting from Birds Of Tokyo, and it’ll certainly re-ignite interest among those who thought things were becoming a little stale.