Billy Corgan stars on new Veronicas song: “heavy metal with a super demonic Black Sabbath riff”

Billy Corgan and Jess Origliasso from The Veronicas have been together since 2010 so we probably shouldn’t be too surprised that The Smashing Pumpkins leader has helped to write songs for the sisters’ new album. However we certainly weren’t expecting a song that features “strange aggressive rapping” and “a kinda heavy metal song with a super demonic Black Sabbath type riff.”

The Splendour in the Grass headliner revealed details about the collaboration in an interview with triple j telling The Doctor: “I play guitar on one song. There’s this really great track they have that’s probably going to be the opening track. I don’t know what they’re going to call it; it was tentatively called I’m a Veronica. I know it sounds funny but there’s strange aggressive rapping on it so in the middle of the song it breaks down in to a kinda heavy metal song with a super demonic Black Sabbath type riff. It’s easily the best album they’ve ever made. They’ve worked so hard and I’ve been intimately involved on a lot of levels.”

Of course this isn’t the first time Corgan has written songs for a girlfriend (see Jessica Simpson’s Who We Are and great slabs of Courtney Love’s back catalogue) or an Australian pop star (see Natalie Imbruglia’s Identify )

Back in 2010, Corgan told that The Veronicas’ are “world class solo artists. It’s crazy they’re both together. They feed off each other’s strengths and weakness. It’s really interesting to watch them work. I really am impressed by both of them musically a lot. I’ve heard a lot of their new stuff, the direction they’re going is really really cool. It’s still very much pop music, but they’re so sophisticated in their knowledge of pop music”.

The new Veronicas’ album will be the follow up to 2007’s Hook Me Up and in the long gap between albums both Corgan and Daniel Johns have been called on to help to shape the duo’s new sound. Jess recently announced “We co-wrote a couple of tracks that are going to be on this record with [Johns] and it was the greatest experience; it was out of this world really. I can’t wait for you guys to hear those tracks; they’re really, really cool.”

She also cagily revealed that there are several some artist collaborations on the record that are “not necessarily singing, more writing and creating as well as a couple of other things… We have guest appearances…” – what other surprises do they have in store?