BIGSOUND Wrap: Day One and Two

*What bands were people buzzing about at the Bigsound music conference in Brisbane? PATRICK RYAN reports back from the first two days.


Day one of Big Sound kicked off with a keynote speech from US musician Steve Earle and finished with a festival dominating come-back gig from Violent Soho.

Earl’s Pearls: The key note address

Singer-songwriter Steve Earle brought a level of intellect, engagement and wisdom to the first day of proceedings, with a revealing interview that covered his career, family, musical tastes and of course, ‘Copperhead Road’.

“Bob Dylan took all of the air out of the room. Dylan is the only genius in the business. Bruce [Springsteen] is close.”

“Anybody can make a record: that’s the good news. The bad news is everyone can make a record.”

“You don’t drink cider, you give it to girls.”

“Anyone who walks up at this music conference and tells you they know the future of the music business is fucking lying.”

Gig Of The Day

Ball Park Music put on the performance of the night at The Zoo, their relentless energy proving infectious. Every song had the crowd moving but it was early track ‘iFly’ that really got things underway. New single ‘Surrender’ went down a treat and is evidence that new album ‘Museum’ is destined to be just as popular as their debut.

Panel Of The Day

Live Music Globally – The Ever Changing Landscape

This panel turned into a discussion about music festivals across the globe and provided an insight into the processes involved in creating some of biggest musical events in the world. Primavera’s David Jimenez-Zumalacarregul (nicknamed David Jay-Z), Glasonbury’s Martin Elbourne and Bluesfest’s Hawaiian shirt loving Peter Noble discussed what sells tickets, what makes a headliner and the importance of selecting acts that will draw in punters as well as the ever-changing musical landscape. Noble summed up his approach best when he said “If I announce Neil Young and Bruce Springsteen I’ll sell out tomorrow.” Is that a lineup hint?

Party Of The Day

The EMI Music Party was clearly the place to be post-conference. If the music wasn’t enough there was atmosphere aplenty. King Cannons, Ball Park Music and Oh Mercy put on a great show for the delegates but it was the return of Something For Kate that made this the party to be at. If this brief taste of new tunes is anything to go by their soon-to-be-released album Leave Your Soul To Science will be at the pointy end of 2012’s “Best Of” lists.

Buzz Band Of The Day

Violent Soho. Everywhere you went people were talking about the boys from Mansfield and they delivered with a rocking “comeback set” at the Q Music Stage.


“There’s a group of people talking about a secret set from Steve Earle in the next 10 minutes. Too bad for them he’s just set off for lunch.”


Josh Pyke and Kav Temperley having coffee outside the Judith Wright Centre. RAWK.

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