Big Day Out: “Some years we sell out, some years we don’t”

Despite lower than hoped for attendance figures in 2012, the Big Day Out promoters have promised that the festival won’t just be an East Coast affair in 2013.

The festival has already announced that this year will be New Zealand’s last Big Day Out and there had been concerns that the stripped back lineup and staging for the shows in Perth and Adelaide this year indicated that punters would have to head to the East Coast for next year’s festivals.

However Sascha Sewell, the local Big Day Out promoter in Adelaide, has told Adelaide Now that the rumours are “not true at all. I’ve just met the new partners and we are definitely coming back to Adelaide… Some years we sell out, some years we don’t.” Perth Big Day Out promoter, Ken Knight, hasn’t made any declarations about the festival’s return in 2013, but he did tell The West Australian that he had expected a crowd of just 15,000 people, well down on the 35,000 punters who attended the 2011 show, and not making any promises at this stage.

The actual attendance in Perth struggled to reach Knight’s modest ambitions, with just 12,000 punters making their way through the gates according to the numbers provided by Big Day Out. However there were many punters trying to get in to see the lineup for free, with Acting Senior Sergeant Chris Hannan telling the The West Australian that early in the day the mounted police were required to deal with “people trying to fence jump in numbers.”

Perth and Adelaide weren’t the only cities with low attendance figures with the trend being mirrored at all stops on the festival tour. The show in Adelaide also drew just 12,000 fans while crowd sizes at the East Coast shows were also down by up to 10,000 punters on last year’s attendance.

In 2010 Big Day attracted over 337,000 fans, last year’s shows drew 300,000 punters, while this year the festival sold just over 173,000 tickets.

Big Day Out attendance numbers:


2012 – 20,000

2011 – 40,000

Gold Coast:

2012 – 40,000+

2011 – 50,000 (Sold Out)


2012 – 47,000

2011 – 55,000 + a second day with 19,000 tickets sold before the ‘bring a friend’ offer


2012 – 42,000

2011 – 52,000 (Sold Out)


2012 – 12,000

2011 – 30000+


2012 – 12,000

2011 – 35,000

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