Big Day Out rules out a move to Brisbane: “Cairns, Townsville and Mackay all possibilities”

The Big Day Out will be forced to leave its Gold Coast home in 2014 but don’t expect to see the event heading to Brisbane or Byron Bay.

BDO chief Adam Zammit has ruled out a move to potential festival locations in Brisbane and Byron Bay, telling the Coffs Coast Advocate that Byron Bay doesn’t need another music festival and that “there is plenty of stuff in Brisbane already”. The festival’s research shows that the Brisbane’s fans are happy to travel, so wherever the festival does end up in 2014 Zammit still expects to see a strong turn out of punters from the Queensland capital.

Despite the venue issue in Queensland, Zammit says that the festival is committed to continue running five events on the Big Day Out tour including a date “somewhere significantly north of Sydney.” Zammit has told The Cairns Post that the festival is “continuing to look at all options and Far North Queensland towns like Cairns, Townsville and Mackay are all possibilities, though we wouldn’t say they’re proximate opportunities for us in 2014.” The promoter also says that Far North Queensland “deserves and needs a big music festival” that can capitalise on groundwork laid by Groovin’ The Moo in Townsville.

According to the community newspapers Townsville Mayor Jenny Hill is already in talks with promoters, Cairns Mayor Bob Manning has confirmed that his council will also be contacting Big Day Out promoters, and the Coff Harbour council has announced that they’ll “definitely throw [their] hats in the ring.”

The “final” Big Day Out at the Gold Coast Parklands will be held on Sunday, January 20.

Gold Coast BDO 2011 photo by Kylie Keene