Big Day Out promoters Vivian Lees and Ken West split

The partnership between Big Day Out promoters Vivian Lees and Ken West has ended. The pair have run the Big Day Out together since 1992 and promoted international tours together for a decade prior to launching the festival, but Lees has now decided drop out to spend more time with his family in Melbourne leaving the Sydney based West to continue promoting Big Day Out by himself.

Lees has explained his decision in a statement issues to The Music Network claiming that “After 20 wonderful years as co-producer of the Big Day Out Festival I have decided to move on. My decision is principally to ease the workload on myself and I believe this will also allow me to increase my commitment to my family and interests outside of Big Day Out. For the first time in my life I will be stepping off the gas a little instead of stepping on it and I am looking forward to new challenges I may find outside the Big Day Out.”

“I am a passionate supporter of the Big Day Out and the musical legacy I have created with Ken West who will now continue to produce the show as sole producer. To all my friends and supporters, the loyal and committed Big Day Out staff and the legions of Big Day Out audience members I thank you and I will always be indebted to you for keeping me in such a great job for so long.”

FasterLouder interviewed both Viv Lees and Ken West about their work with the Big Day Out prior to the 2011 festival.