Big Day Out 2013 lineup hints and rumours


UPDATE: FL has just been given this piece of info from Big Day Out HQ to get you guessing for the announcement. The line-up will include: “6 acts playing their first ever Australian shows. Closer to 30 acts who’ve never played BDO before and at least 16 acts with new albums coming.” Intriguing!

Following the announcement that the Big Day Out will be unveiling all the bands for 2013 at 12.01am on Monday 16th July the festival has offered up a few hints about the lineup and sideshow plans.

Echoing the recent comments from Harvest festival co-promoter Declan Forde about festival sideshows, the Big Day Out has also indicated that sideshows will not be as prominent with the next festival tour. Promoter Ken West has told The Music Network that “it doesn’t make sense for us to put on huge sideshows for our headliners that compete for the same audience as the festival itself… As we are tightening the run don’t hold your breath for the sideshows. At Big Day Out we put a lot of planning and thought into making it a great festival experience, not one big travelling show with a heap of sideshows attached. We like the idea of people coming to the festival to see their favourite act and leaving having discovered their new favourite act.”

West has also indicated that while the festival’s support for “local artists is as determined as ever”, the streamlined tour will also feature fewer local acts than in recent years. “We are focusing much more on the new generation where appearing at the BDO really does make a world of difference; that and a couple of big Aussie acts that are saving all their energy for our audience.”

So with all that in mind let’s look at some of the evidence for some of the Big Day Out 2012 rumours.

Red Hot Chili Peppers

The Evidence:

Thanks to a tweet from bassist Flea we already know that The Red Hot Chili Peppers have confirmed an Australian tour for early next year. With the band also set to headline Lollapalooza next month they have been the odds on favourite to top the Big Day Out bill for months now. In fact they’re such a solid bet that Nuistradamus has been prepared to go all in backing the Chilly Willys for the headline set telling anyone who will listen: “let’s put this in the bank right now – Red Hot Chili Peppers 2013. They WILL headline the Big Day Out.”

The Hives

The Evidence:

The Hives provided on of the highlights on the main stage at Splendour last year and that was when they were just road testing the new material from their Lex Hives album. Now that they’ve finally released that follow up to 2007’s The Black and White Album they’re primed for another visit. They played on the BDO lineup back in 2005 and frontman Howlin’ Pelle Almqvist recently told triple j that they were “trying to come back in like January or something. We’re hoping the Big Day Out will book us or something; that’d be fun.”

Vampire Weekend

The Evidence:

We’ve seen them on tour with Splendour and Groovin’ The Moo, but Vampire Weekend could be another band that could be making a Big Day Out debut next year. Although the band has been very tight lipped about the details Vampire Weekend does have a new record due out some time soon; apparently they’re about 80% done. They’ll be playing their first live show in almost a year at the Pitchfork festival in Chicago on Sunday which neatly lines up with the release of the Big Day Out lineup. Coincidence or hype harnessing marketing genius?

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